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Our R&D Production And Sales
Jiangsu Nhwa-United Chain Medicine Sales Co., Ltd

The Nhwa R&D center is one of the most innovative R&D centers in China
It is a national-level R&D facility with provincial-level engineering and technological research capabilities. The center is also the provincial enterprise workstation for academics and a national innovation center for post doctorate students.

The R&D center covers an area of 19000 ㎡. It is equipped with a synthesis lab, preparation lab, pharmacology lab, analysis department, TCM research office and information department. The entire facility is also outfitted with a complete experimental installation and research system.

Today, the Nhwa R&D center focuses on dozens of new drugs with high security intellectual property and undertakes more than a dozen national-level or provincial-level scientific research projects at any given time.

We have obtained 24 authorized patents, among which 4 were authorized by the US, and 2 by the EU. There are 37 patents pending, among which 11 are PCTs.

R&D Therapeutic Fields
  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Anesthesia and pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychiatric disorder
  • Neurodegenerative disease
R&D partners
  • Neuroscience Victoria Limited (NSV), Australia
  • D-Pharm Biotech, Israel
  • Mapi Pharm., Israel
  • Auckland University, New Zealand
  • Others
  • We have participated in national level drug R&D projects, and obtained 6 national medals for Significant New Drugs Development.
  • The R&D center is the Jiangsu provincial technical center. We have independently developed more than 30 new drugs.
  • We pay attention to product R&D, so we have technical cooperation with some pharmaceutical research institutions abroad.
  • We utilize advanced R&D equipment sets: synthesis laboratory, analysis room, preparation room, pharmacy room, registration room, information inquiry room, pilot testing room, etc.
  • The new R&D center covers an area of 66,666 square meters. It meets GLP standards.

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